Fair Craft – Plattform für traditionelles Handwerk
Filmed in Fofeldea. Produced & edited in Vienna.

In the village of Fofeldea, there are still several Roma families who master the traditional craft of wickerwork. Fofeldea is located between Sibiu and Sighisoara, five kilometers off the main road. Previously, these baskets were used in agriculture and in the yard. The basket weavers and basket makers made these baskets in the cold season and then sold them in different villages. Unfortunately, people in the region today prefer to buy plastic containers. Not least because they are cheaper.

The traditional wicker models from Fofeldea are the “corfa” and the cylindrical “cos”. The “corfa” has the shape of a hemisphere and two handles. The framework is made of hazel and this is then plaited with split hazel and willow. This basket is extremely stable and durable. The advantage of the “cos” is that it has a straight bottom due to its cylindrical shape and therefore can be used wonderfully as a laundry basket, wastebasket etc. The “cos” is braided out of willow. 

Nicolaie and Stella Subtirel braid almost exclusively “corfe” and share the work. Nicolaie brings the willows and hazel sticks home and bends the upper frame of the basket. He also splices the hazelnut sticks. Stella is responsible for the weaving and the finer work. Nicolaie is still trying to sell the baskets from his horse-drawn carriage in the various villages.