Corrosion is technically the reaction of a material with its environment, which causes a measurable change in the material and leads to the deterioration or malfunction of a component and ultimately to the breakdown of the entire system. This process of weathering and decay is used as a metaphor for a specially designed digital drawing process in which hundreds of particles go through different scenes to “corrode” layers, colors and contours of photographic and video material.

The project consists of two elements – an audiovisual concert or installation and an accompanying exhibition of digital acrylic prints. In the audiovisual section, Andreas List & Florian Gruber – with electric guitar, e-piano, drum machine, electronic noise and reactive visualization – break down corruption and corporate profits as the driving force of human corrosion. In the exhibition section, Markus Sigl & Florian Gruber use photographs of deserted places, discarded objects and garbage in conjunction with the image processing software to create new abstract images from abstract structures of the past.