FES2 – The complete system for digital submissions
Version 3.0


FES2 – Fair Evaluation System is a browser-based software that supports sponsors (institutions, companies, associations) in designing their tendering process for prizes, competitions or funding awards FAIR, EFFICIENT and SECURE.

After the takeover of the FES2 software system by GRUBER media production, a complete revision was carried out both optically and functionally. A new corporate branding was developed, the entire print work revised and the website relaunched.

In addition to general bug fixes, the new version 3.0 also contains major functional improvements. The entire print views have been fundamentally revised and optimized for PDF storage, it is now possible to set a pure evaluation round for multi-stage tendering processes, which means that organizational scenarios with internal and external juries can be covered, and the data field modules have been expanded to pass on internal comments from organization to appraisal .

The FES2 system has now been used by many well-known institutions, tenders and awards for many years. We are pleased about the large amount of positive feedback and the ongoing trust. Thank you very much!