FES2 – Fair Evaluation System / For Easy Submission

FES2 is a browser-based software that enables a fair and efficient processing of tenders, competitions and submissions. The basic premise behind the emergence of FES2 is to simplify submission processes for grants, prizes and tenders, to make them more efficient and as transparent as possible. Antiquated analog or semi-analogue processing of such procedures not only unduly burdens the resources of organizers, it can also cause applicants to shy away from signing up to competitions or giving peers a lot of time through a complicated settlement process. Very often, submissions are too costly and too cumbersome. The idea was to develop our software FES².


With the help of the browser-based FES2 software, not only is the organization processed digitally, but submissions and evaluations are also carried out in electronic form. Within a very short time, FES2 has been successfully used by well-known institutions such as the tech2b incubation process, EDISON – the Prize, LiSEC – Open View and the Open Media Award 2018 of the Art University Linz. Among the biggest clients are the B&C Private Foundation (Houskapreis) and the Styrian Health Fund (Fördercall Gesundheitskompetenz).


Since 2017 Dr. Florian Gruber is the lead designer & developer responsible for the programming and the screen design of the software.