KNOW-HOW3000 Knowledge Platform

HORIZONT3000 is one of the oldest and largest Austrian non-government development cooperation organisation. They offer support to people in their partner countries in their aspiration to improve the quality of their lives in a sustainable and human way. At the behest of grassroots Catholic development cooperation organisations and with the support of the Austrian Development Agency, HORIZONT3000 has specialised in the implementation of programmes and projects and the deployment of technical assistance personnel.

HORIZONT3000 and its affiliates have a wealth of experience and know-how due to their diversity of project partners, themes and projects. The potential for learning and sharing of experiential knowledge within the HORIZONT3000 network is strong and knowledge management was identified in 2009 as an additional service offered by HORIZONT3000 to its project partners, affiliates, staff and professionals.

KNOW-HOW3000 is the name of the knowledge management programm of HORIZONT3000. It contains a set of activities, methods and approaches aiming at the generation, preservation and sharing of knowledge. The aim of KNOW-HOW3000 is to improve the work of its partner organisations in order to deliver better services to target groups and foster change at societal level.

I am very proud of creating and supporting the necessary technical solutions and the user experience design of the KNOW-HOW3000 knowledge management program worldwide.