Stand Still
Interactive audiovisual installation
Clemens Hausch, Florian Gruber, Thomas Lorenz
Kunstfreiraum Papierfabrik Graz, 2013


Stand Still allows the visitor to look at a landscape that only comes to life when interacting with it. The project focuses on the interaction between humans and the environment, in which we are invaders, but also shape and change the form of nature through our presence.

Stand Still is an interactive installation where the computer creates a “natural” scenery that responds to the viewer’s presence. However, this reaction only comes about if you act as calmly as possible. If you rest long enough, the artwork creates a new tree in the landscape, which can then be changed with gestures and posture until it gets its final shape. Unlike the traditional interaction between the user and the application, which normally initiates an immediate reaction in consciously placed actions, this work attempts to create a moment of concentration and relaxation.

In this age of fast-paced life, where life is a constant stream of instructions and where everyone tries not to stop but to constantly change and optimize, Stand Still explores the concept of slowness.