Fair Craft – Plattform für traditionelles Handwerk
Filmed in Mediaș. Produced & edited in Vienna.

Horatiu runs a small workshop in Medias with his father Laurean Oltean and co-worker Mr. Muntean. He is constantly working on the development of new glass products and is firmly convinced that the century-long tradition of glass production in his hometown of Mediaș should continue to live in the future, despite adverse conditions.

Horatiu is mainly involved in the development and production of upcycling products from old bottles. The old bottles are collected from various nearby bars and restaurants. Then the bottles are cleaned, the labels are dissolved underneath, the bottles are cut, sanded and polished. The result of this labor-intensive process are drinking glasses, storage glasses, wine lights and, most recently, planters. The diversity of the collected bottles makes each craft product unique with past life!