Vision of the future Wallensteinstrasse
2D animation, video production
Graphics: Arch. DI Katharina Puxbaum


Many projects to revitalize Wallensteinstrasse (Vienna, Brigittenau) have already failed. But none of them dealt with the traffic area. The space that is responsible for who moves and stays there, how long and how much they like to do so. There is currently no bike path there and the sidewalks are often so narrow that there is only room for two people next to each other. Strolling, strolling or even chatting there is anything but pleasant. The Greens and many residents of Brigittenau want to use Wallensteinstrasse safely and happily again.

A higher quality of stay in public space promotes walking and thus also a “city of short distances”. Shops are settling down, the infrastructure is improving and more people are shopping in the district – often right on their doorstep. With more space for pedestrians and cyclists and the simultaneous slowing down of car traffic, the traffic area will be calmer and clearer. This reduces pollution while at the same time increasing road safety. Greening, shading and water cool down and improve air quality.

That is the vision of the Wallensteinstrasse promenade. We had the pleasure of visualizing this.